Friday, December 18, 2009

Cookie Decorating

Marsha asked if I wanted to decorate Christmas cookies and said she was going to invite Aden and Wiley to do some as well. I love decorating cookies and I love those little boys, so it was an easy decision. Marsha made the cookies and frosting, I provided some sprinkles and all my artistic talents, and the boys provided the laughs. Marsha and I did a majority of the cookies before the boys joined us, but then I got to work with Wiley while Marsha and Aden teamed up to create some masterpieces.
Wiley seemed to enjoy the "prinkles" and was content to put them on the cookie without any frosting. I explained that he needed the frosting to make the prinkles stick, so we managed to get some frosting on the cookies. He wanted to put all the different prinkles (8 different ones) on each cookie, so he would whisper to me which prinkle he wanted next so I could get it for him. Initially, I controlled the amount of prinkles, but then I thought I might just let him do it. I knew some of them were in open jars and others had a little strainer thing on it. It was the sprinkles without the strainers that most concerned me, as he just turned them upside down and waited for the prinkles to come out. I held the end of it and only allowed some to come out, but I wasn't quick enough on one and the whole bottle of colored prinkles was on the top of his cookie. He said, look Auntie Erin, a mountain - it sure was. We dumped off some of the prinkles and used them on other cookies, but he still had a large amount of prinkles on his cookie. It was a great afternoon.