Saturday, December 19, 2009

Land, Water and Sewage

Land, water and sewage are basic things that we often take for granted, yet today at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, they are 3 areas in need of prayer. Would you join us in prayer?
Land. Currently, the hospital has been closed for the past 3+ days because of violence over land disputes. The local lains all around us claim the hospital grounds as theirs. Recently they have demanded compensation for using the land, told us we can't build on our land, planted gardens and put houses on our land, yet we have continued to serve these people and this community. On Tuesday, when they resorted to physical violence and hit one of our maintenance guys who was clearing land to start a staff quadriplex, things changed. Thankfully, he is ok, but our relations with the community, obviously, are not. We have been serving the people in this area for 40+ yrs, but when they won't allow us to use our land to provide adequate housing for our growing staff, it seems they don't want us here, which makes it for us to do our job.
We don't know exactly what is behind this recent attack, but we know that it has something to do with the land and money. The hospital is more than willing to provide jobs to the local lains as we continue to build to provide housing for our staff, but we are not willing to just give them money. We are looking for support from the communities, which would include no more threats and allowing us to use our land, until that happens we are closed. The majority of the local communities do support this hospital and the work we are doing, but the one village who attacked on Tues does not. Pray for God to work, this is way beyond anything we can do. Pray for relations between us and the local communities. Pray for a resolution and for peace among us. Pray that we would be able to, once again, serve the communities here through medicine and through the God's love.
Water. The hospital's water supply is through a water pump at a place we call the Southern Cross. This recently broke which forces the hospital to rely solely on rain water to supply water for the patients to drink, to wash hands, do laundry, flush toilets and more. We do not have anyone who is a plumbing expert, so we are trying to make do. We had a guy from a nearby mission station come and help install a new pump, but that has been giving us problems also. Without water it is very hard to continue to serve our patients and provide for their basic needs and to keep our working environment clean. Recently the rain has been a blessing to us filling up the water tanks, but the dry season could come at any time. Pray for rain, for a pump that will work, and for someone who knows more about plumbing to be able to help us.
Sewage. If the outpatient area had pts in it today, you would see them all holding their shirts up to their noses to try and stop the smell. If you try this you will find it doesn't actually help much, but psychologically it must. The outpatient porch sits about 100 feet from the septic tank holding area. When the wind blows, the smell generated is not pleasant. Thankfully, it doesn't permeate indoors, so I am able to work without covering my nose with my shirt, but our patients aren't so lucky. Despite having a sewage expert come and getting a new pump, we are still having issues with our sewage and the smell. Pray our patients would be able to enjoy a fresh air scent as they wait to be seen, and we would get funding for the much needed sewage treatment plant we are hoping to build.