Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fetal Hydrops

The other day I was asked to look at an ultrasound of a pregnant lady to confirm dates. When I started scanning the baby, something just didn't look right. Typically you see the bones of the skull and not much outside of it, but in this little baby there was excess tissue around the skull. I wasn't sure what it was, but knew it wasn't normal. I went back and found this same tissue/swelling around the abdomen and fluid in the abdomen (ascites), so I consulted Steph. Steph has done an OB fellowship and has more ultrasound training than I do and she promptly diagnosed fetal hydrops.
Unfortunately this isn't good for the baby, as mortality is between 60-90%. Often the cause of hydrops isn't determined, but includes cardiovascular, genetic malformations, intrathroacic malformations, hematological disorders, infectious conditions, and idopathic forms. Since we can only do a few labs here we will never know what caused this. Steph was able to talk to the mom and discuss our concerns and help her understand what this could mean for the baby. Pray for this mom and her baby.