Friday, June 18, 2010


Becky and I had a 9 hour layoff in Brisbane, Australia on our way to New Zealand. Despite the appeal of sitting in the airport for 9 hours, Becky and I contacted Michael and Meryl Stathis and enjoyed spending a day with them. Michael is a volunteer surgeon who has been to Kudjip about 4 times along with Meryl, the last time this past March and April. We enjoyed seeing the city from above and then seeing it from the City Cat, a taxi boat, which took us from one end to the other. They took us to a nice Greek restaurant where I enjoyed a nice steak, and then we got some great ice cream. After that, we got to meet one of their sons and his family.
Their son lives in a nice little neighborhood, and when we got there a family across the street was outside playing with a skateboard like thing. Meryl and Michael were talking to them and they asked if we wanted to try the ripstick. I said sure. I was about 10 or 12 the last time I rode on a skateboard, but I gave it a try. Thankfully there were no injuries. The day with the Stathis's was a great way to spend our 9 hour layover. Thanks Michael and Meryl.