Friday, July 2, 2010

Pray for Baby Helen/Heart kid updates

Just today, Helen and her twin sister came to the clinic to get their 4 month immunizations. I am sure when her mom took her to the clinic she never imagined that later that same night, her one daughter would be dead and the other, on the verge of death. Hours after getting home from the clinic, Helen and her sister were in their house when a fire started. I didn't get all the details of the fire, but I know that these 2 little girls were right in the middle of it. Helen's sister was no longer alive when she was carried into the ER, but Helen was. All 5.5kg of her was crying as she was brought in. She suffered 2-3rd degree burns over half of her body. Some of her body was just black, charcoal like. The first thing I did was pray, pray that God would spare this little one's life that has suffered a lot in the past 1 hour. Then I called for anesthesia and surgery backup, as I started to work on her. About an hour later, we had finished our initial cleaning and dressing of her wounds and had wrapped her up like a little mummy, and prayed again. We prayed that God would watch over her this night, and that God would comfort the grieving parents, who have lost one child and might lose another. Please pray with us.
Update on the Heart kids. Both Rose Andrew and Abel are in Port Moresby now for their heart surgeries. Rose for her PDA and Abel for his TOF. Pray for their surgeries.