Saturday, July 10, 2010

Surprise talipes visit

Most Thursday mornings, Andy can be found in the Ortho room placing a cast on a little kid or 2 who has club foot deformity. Using the Ponsetti technique, Andy in about 2 -3 months, is able to correct the foot's deformity and get them standing up. The process requires weekly visits to have new casts placed, but the results are well worth it. When Andy is done the kids can walk on their feet like God intended us to, not on the sides of their feet, like they would have been doing before if the deformity wasn't corrected. Once kids finish with their casts, they are given a brace which they are suppose to wear at home. For some kids, they continue to come back for check ups while in the brace, but for those who are far away, Andy may never seen them again. Today, Andy was surprised, when little David showed up. He started treating him in 2007, and now 2+ yrs later, his family says he runs really fast. Success stories like this bring huge smiles to Andy's face, and at times tears of joy. Word is getting out that kids who couldn't walk before are now walking and patients from far away are coming to be treated. Alfie, above on the table, and his dad were away from their family for 2 months while Alfie was being treated. They were from the Southern Highlands Province, but came and stayed with a distant relative while Alfie was getting treated. He was one of the oldest patients Andy had treated, already walked on the sides of his feet, but at the end, he was standing on the soles of his feet, and I am sure he is running really fast as well. Andy - Thank you for your service to these kids and many others.