Thursday, November 4, 2010


Following our time in SF we traveled south to Disneyland.  All Luke kept talking about was seeing Mickey Mouse, thankfully we got to meet him in Toontown, along with some others at Goofy's Kitchen.  Luke enjoyed seeing the characters and hugging them, but Graham just screamed and didn't really want to be near them.  He started to do a little better towards the end and waved after we were far from them.  Luke enjoyed the rides, but wasn't too fond of Nemo's underwater adventure, wanting to know where the real fishies were and if we could leave now.  Graham and I went on Dumbo and despite him saying "No" a lot, he did quite well and didn't scream, which is always good.  Eli, well he just hung out, but he did manage to help the Disneyland economy by pooping through his diaper onto Joe who needed to buy another shirt to wear.