Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Missionaries

In the past few weeks, we have had a lot of new faces here on station and especially at my end of the station.  Tim and Karla Deuel have joined us as missionaries.  Tim is an electrician and seems to be able to do about anything and will be helping Harmon with various things.  Karla is a lab tech who is helping out in our lab and with other field office things.  She has already been a big help in the lab, just working with our techs helping to improve our quality of care that we are providing.

The Goosens have also joined us.  Randy is a IT guy and has already fixed some of our internet problems and has ideas for how to make it even better.  We are very thankful for his expertise there as we had none before he came.  Joani is an accountant who will be working on our books and their 3 kids - Emma, Lexi and Ethan have brought some life to the south end of the station.  Joani had a birthday this past Sunday, so we all enjoyed gathering on the McCoys porch for some cake, our birthday song melody with the birthday hat and some fellowship.  You can follow the Goosens via their blog, http://agaggleofgoossens.blogspot.com/

We are thankful for their saying yes to the call and for their willingness to come and serve here with us.