Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rachel and Jordan

Rachel and Jordan have served for 2 yrs here and are now on their way home.  Rachel served as the high school teacher and Jordan helped out in maintenance and did lots of projects for many here around station.  Jordan had a great ministry with our MK boys and Rachel has been helping out with the single women’s bible study.  They have thrown themselves into the work around here and we are thankful for their time served. 

We are also thankful because God has called them back to PNG.  So this time home is a time for them to become official Nazarene missionaries, raise support and then come back to us, hopefully in a couple of months.  They have had the opportunity to share with folks here some of what God has been doing in their lives at Emmanuel church last Sunday night and again at our English Lotu service this past weekend.  Pray for them as they head back home and look to join us full time in this ministry here.