Friday, April 13, 2012

The Pringles

The Pringles are back for their 2nd time here in PNG.  Last year they were new, but quickly settled into our routine here.  They lived at the Barnabas House and since it is a bigger house that can hold 16 or more people in it, they were always having folks over for dinner and games.  They also played house parents to the medical students who stayed in the Barnabas House with them.  They seemed to really enjoy their time here, enough so that they came back again, and we are thankful to have them.

Tyronza has been keeping busy doing all sorts of things around here, most recently using her accounting skills and helping out at the Bible College doing their books.  She also has continued to feed many people each night, usually serving some kind of PNG food.  Last year I ate more traditional PNG foods at the Barnabas House, than I had the whole rest of my time here.  This year, she has picked up where she left off. 

Scott is busy with all our OB/Gyn stuff.  He is on call quite frequently delivering babies, doing C-sections and whatever else needs done.  He is very patient and a good teacher.  We are blessed to have him with us.  

Recently when I went for dinner, I found numerous types of kumu (greens) in their fridge and pitpit (I don’t really know what this is) on the counter.  I was not disappointed that I didn’t get the opportunity to try these great foods.    My lack of adventurous eating habits and having familiar foods in the stores are two reasons why I have not expanded my menu to include these PNG delicacies.  I don’t even like or buy kaukau (sweet potato) the PNG staple food, much less something that seems like it is just a weed in the garden.  But I am thankful that Tyronza cooks these things and thus I get the opportunity to try them.  

They are here for a few more weeks before heading out on a scuba diving adventure, but already have plans to return next year - which will be nice.