Friday, June 22, 2012

CA with the McCoys

Before I made it to home to PA, I spent a week on the West Coast in Oregon and California.  I got to spend 4 of those days with my Kudjip neighbors – Bill and Marsha McCoy and their family. 

It was a very enjoyable 4 days.  I saw all the sights of Oroville, Ca and the surrounding area, and got to meet many great people in the McCoy family and the Oroville Church of the Nazarene.   I caught up with the McCoys, went fishing, ate lots of watermelon, and watched the beaver each night with Bill’s dad.  I also got to share about my call to missions and PNG with many folks who are supporting me and others who have been longtime supporters of God’s work at Kudjip through knowing the McCoys.  At the end of the time of sharing, they prayed for the McCoys and I as we are heading out again at the end of our home assignment (HA) times. 
It was a special weekend for the McCoy family as Bill’s dad was honored on Father’s Day for the Godly Father that he has been to his children, as well as to many in the church.  He is definitely a special man and I am thankful I have gotten the chance to know him a bit these past few years. 

It was definitely a great 4 days and I have already been invited back to the church for my next HA, so looking forward to seeing the folks in Oroville again in the fall of 2014.