Monday, June 18, 2012

Fishing the Feather

I have heard Bill talk about fishing on the Feather River ever since I have known him and especially after we have gone fishing in PNG.  Every time I have caught  sticks, leaves and caught my hook on many stones in PNG, he has told me about the trout in the Feather.  We had talked that if I ever got to Oroville, we would try and go fishing, and we did.  I have now fished on the Middle Fork of the Feather River and have to agree it has some great fishing (in all my fishing experience).

We got up early and drove/hiked to the stream by 0600.  We put in a good 5 hrs of fishing and managed to each catch a number of fish.  Once we caught some big ones for dinner we were more selective in what we kept.  

I had caught a pretty good size fish on one side of the river, but struggled to bring him ashore on the rocks.  We waded/swam to the other side of the river and tried again and this time, grabbed a nice sized 16 incher.  Thankfully, I had lots of shore to bring him up on and Bill prevented him from escaping.

It is a beautiful river and was a great day of fishing.