Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July in Texas

Before coming to PNG, for 7 straight years 4th of July = party at the Leiberts with the Valley Baptist Family Practice Residency Program.  It was always a lot of fun with games, pool activities, food and fireworks.  After a 5 yr absence, I was thankful to have the opportunity to be back again to celebrate with my Harlingen Family.

We played a lot of great colonial themed games and restored the staff vs. resident competition.  The staff pulled out victories in all events with our trackball/polo/and water balloon competitions.  I think some of the residents were surprised with the competitiveness of the staff, but everyone had fun.  5 yrs ago I dislocated my shoulder while competing in our 4th of July games, so things can get a little competitive.  Thankfully, we chose games that didn’t threaten my shoulder, and everyone came out with only minor bumps or bruises.   While folks were playing games, others enjoyed the pool and the time of fellowship with one another. 

It was a great ending to my week in Texas and the time I had with folks I have known for years who support, encourage and pray for me and the work God is doing in PNG.  I am thankful for the time I had in Texas during my residency training and for the great relationships that God brought into my life which continue even today.