Friday, August 31, 2012

Trip to Yellowstone

An invitation to come to Montana and share about PNG at churches gave me a great opportunity to see parts of the US that I have never seen before.  After scheduling the trip, I found out that Bill and Marsha McCoy's son Josh, was going to be a park ranger in Yellowstone this summer.  I emailed him and asked if he might be able to tell me what to do and see and show me around if he had time, and he willingly agreed.  Instead of just giving us a list of what to do, he actually became our personal tour guide ranger for the week, taking Daly and I off the beaten trail and seeing the beauty of Yellowstone up close.  We packed in a lot into each day going hiking, fishing, sightseeing, shooting lessons, spotting and finding wildlife and more.  Josh took the back off his vehicle and drove us around like in a safari, identifying things as we went and teaching us about the wildlife as we saw it.