Sunday, October 28, 2012

She needs blood

As I am talking and evaluating one pt in the ER, I notice a man walking into the ER with his teenage daughter 4 steps behind him.  The man easily walks in, but the daughter is struggling, stumbling, using every ounce of strength she has to make her way into the ER.  As I look at them, I notice how pale her face, her hands and her feet are.  I quickly signal to dad to have her lie on the closest bed, and she struggles to make it there.  Although I don't know why, I know she is  anemic, very short of blood, and that she needs it soon.  She sure didn't come too soon, but I wonder if she came too late.
As I am finishing up with my first patient, I am asking the nurses to quickly help this girl.  Please start an IV, draw blood for a CBC, type and cross her for a blood transfusion immediately.  The nursing students and nurse get to work, as I continue with my patient, who also needs admitted. 

Once done, I make my way over to the bed and start to talk to this dad and his daughter.  One month, he says she has been sick.  They are from the coast, where there is lots of malaria, but they recently moved back home, not far from the hospital and when she wasn’t getting better they came in.  Her heart is racing, her breathing is labored, she is bleeding from her gums and she barely has strength to talk to me.   

We collect the blood and get it to the lab so they can work on the blood she is going to need to survive.  I still don’t know why she hardly had any blood in her body, but I am glad that Kudjip Nazarene Hospital was there to help.  I am thankful that we have nurses and doctors who want to help those who are sick, with a lab that works and functions and can give blood to those who need it.  Not just blood from men, but that we can also share about the living, saving blood of Christ that has cleansed us from our sins.  It isn’t just this life on earth that we are seeking to save, but life for eternity too.