Sunday, November 18, 2012

He keeps coming back

He was hit by a car about 9 months ago.  Initially, it was touch and go, not sure if he was going to make it.  He suffered a severe brain injury and had a skull fracture.  Slowly and surely he improved.  His eyes opened, he started moving his arms and legs, he started eating on his own and eventually he went home.  He still had some weakness, vision problems and memory issues, but he was better.

Then he came back, having more confusion and fevers.  We discovered he had meningitis, he got treatment and went home.  A few weeks later, he was back again, and then again.  The pattern has continued, and he has been in our hospital more than out in the past 9 months.  Thankfully, our medicines continue to work to fight the infection inside his brain, but unfortunately, it doesn't stop him from getting a new infection.  Most likely he has a hole somewhere in the fluid around his brain, which is allowing the bacteria to continue to get inside, the problem is, we can't find that hole or fix it.

Their only option here in PNG is to go to Port Moresby, our capitol to see our one neurosurgeon.  They want to go, but he keeps coming back in the hospital, and so they haven't gotten to go yet.  Pray that they would make it down there.  Pray that he would keep his smile, despite his recurrent illnesses.  Pray that his mom would continue to love and care for him, as she battles the fatigue and weariness of having a child who is continually ill.  Pray that the neurosurgeon would be able to find and fix his leak, so the infections would stop.  Pray that he and his family would know the love of Christ through all at our hospital who are caring for him.