Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hospital Evangelism

Hospital Evangelism is an opportunity that we have to go and share Jesus with the patients on each ward.  We shared the gospel through bracelets and then through the PNG flag as we talked and prayed with patients.  Some patients have been going to church and are following Jesus even before they got to the hospital, others were not following Jesus when they got to the hospital, but through the ministry of the hospital and chaplains, they have come to follow Christ now, and others desire to know Christ more today and hadn't really ever heard of Christ before.  It is always a great time of doing what Jesus has called us to do, to go and share His word, to make disciples.  It isn't something we do alone, but something we, as missionaries, do with the national staff that we get to work with each day at the hospital and then through the work of the local churches, but I am thankful to have a part in it.