Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby Elephant

Taran is a 3 month old elephant who lives just 30 minutes from the conference center here in Thailand.  I met him 3 days ago and already decided I want to take him back to PNG.  I think he may be just over the weight limit, he is probably going to get bigger, and from what I hear will eat a lot, so it might not work, but you never know.

Bill discovered the elephants on one of his morning runs and then told the rest of us.  The times I have gone, the mom has always had a chain on her foot, but the little guy has always been free.  This afternoon, the McCoys and I went out again and found mom and Taran both out and about getting a bath and then eating.  The trainer told us it was okay to come closer and so we did.  It is pretty special to be able to pet and hold and wrestle with a 3 month old baby elephant.  The mom is also pretty gentle, but outside of petting, haven't done much with her.

I am not sure what they are planning to do with this elephant farm, but I am sure thankful I have had this chance to visit this little guy for a few days and play with him.  I doubt you could do this in a few months.