Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hydro Project Update

Cement slabs for dam

Reservoir erosion protection
Erosion above reservoir

Our hydro project has been underway for about a year now.  Earl Hartwig and his family have moved from Ecuador to PNG to help us complete this project.  Many workers from the local communities have been helping in this process.  They have finished the canal work and now are working on the actual dam that will help divert the water down the canal.  They have diverted the water for the present time to be able to pour the cement in the dry river bed, and once they get half way done or so, they will divert the water the other way, to work on the other side.  They have started pouring some of the concrete of the dam, but have a lot more to do.  
Start of dam construction

The river
They have already prepared the area where the reservoir will be.  They put up a number of baskets filled with rock, that they hand placed, to help prevent erosion.  After the dam is built, the last part is the completion of the penstock, the big pipe that the water will go into to take it to the hydro house where it will go through the turbine generator and generate power.  A lot has been completed and a lot more needs to be done, but the workers are doing good work.  Continue to pray for Earl and his team as this project continues.