Thursday, May 23, 2013

Well done

"Well done they good and faithful servant," are the words you want to hear when your work is done.  For Papa Yapo and Mama Sandy, we gathered to say just that to them as they headed home.  

For the past 44 years Papa Yapo has been a constant at Nazarene Hospital.  God called him to come and work at our hospital, and he obeyed.  He moved his family from Tambul area, above Hagen to Kudjip where he has faithfully served for almost 1/2 a century.   In my time here at Kudjip, he has been our ambulance driver, but before that he was in maintenance and has done various jobs, whatever we needed.  Mama Sandy has also been a blessing to many through the years.  This past year she was sick and I helped to care for her, making home visits when she couldn't get out of her house.  Thankfully, God has helped her and she is now able to walk again with a cane to get around.  
The whole hospital came together and we formed a huge circle as they were heading out to wish them God's best and to say thank you for all their service to us these past few years.