Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Unexpected Trip to Australia

Bird watching
Goanna on tree

On Christmas Eve, after Bill fainted for the 2nd time in 2 days while seeing patients, we made very quick arrangements to head South to get him checked out.  I got to accompany the McCoys to Australia, in case something came up on the flight.  Thankfully, Bill got better in a few days, however, flights home to PNG weren't available until the 1st of January. 
So we made the most of the extra days in Australia and got to enjoy the hospitality of fellow Church of the Nazarene Missionaries, John and Vicki Moore who live just outside of Brisbane and were willing to host us while we waited for a flight home. 
Marsha and I on top rainforest canopy
Feeding a Rainbow Lorikeet
Moores, McCoys and I at O'Reilly's Lookout
Climbing a vine
John and Vicki were very gracious hosts.  They enjoy birdwatching and made sure we saw a lot of birds in our few days with them.  They showed us all the local flora and fauna and sites around them on Tambourine Mountain.  I got to celebrate my birthday by going on a rainforest canopy walk and into some Australian national parks and having watermelon.  It was an unexpected, but very nice few days away (after we knew Bill was okay). 

Strangling Fig tree


Waterfall at Natural Bridge


Crimson Rosella


Rainforest tree