Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bye Bye Bees

The honeycombs 
Bees in soffet after honey removed
Bees going back into the soffet
There have been some bees living in the soffet at the McCoys house for the past year or more.  Every day at lunch, I have walked through their fly zone, at times running into them as they would return with their pollen to the hive.  Thankfully, they weren't aggressive bees, and so I never got stung, but there were a lot of them.

Initially, we were letting the bees be our friends, but the few bees turned into 100's of bees, and Marsha decided that we shouldn't be friends any more.  So while the McCoys are back in the US on their Home Assignment, Morgan was given the task of removing the bees from the soffet.

Bees reforming inside
Morgan trying to get the bees
Bees swarming on the honey

Early one morning, he removed the soffet covering, tried to gather the bees (hoping to get the queen) and relocated them in the bee box he made.  After this he removed the honey combs to collect the honey.  He swept up a lot of bees and put them in the box, but the bees didn't stay there.  The box was intended to be a new home for the bees, and allow them to make their honey in our designated area of station, but apparently, they didn't get the memo.  Whether the queen got out or she was never in the box, the bees went back into the soffet and went back to work again.  So more attempts to remove the bees will occur, but one way or the other, the bees will be removed from the soffet.