Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hydro completion

Placing the poles 
Teaching pole climbing
Powerpole hole diggers

Putting up a pole
Just before the hydro dam was completed, a group of linesman and engineers from the US came to help rewire our station and get the hydro power house up and working.  The Itec guys worked long and hard each day, putting up new power poles through most of the station.  Before the pole would go up, a group of men were digging 6 foot holes in the ground to place the poles into.  It was pretty amazing to watch how they could stand a pole up in between trees and existing powerlines and get it right were they wanted it.

Dam before gates closed
Reservoir before gates closed
Canal before gates opened

I was on call the day of the hydro opening ceremony, but got to see things just before and then shortly after they closed the gates of the dam and allowed the reservoir to fill up.  It was quite a change.

Our reservoir

Earl Hartwig has been our project manager for the project and has spent many hours working to see the project come to completion, and now it is almost here.  The powerhouse is up and working and we are now using our hydroelectric power to run our station again, which is a huge blessing.
Everyone enjoying the water

Our hydro project didn't just focus on the building of the dam, but also on the lives of the workers who helped build the project.  Through morning devotions and a revival, many men's lives have been changed through the building of the dam.  We would ask that you would continue to pray for the lives of the villagers who have responded to the gospel, that they would continue to grow in the Lord.