Friday, September 12, 2014

My Morning with Miles

This morning I got to spend some time with Miles.  I picked him up at the MK high school and we started our walk home, making a lot of detours along the way.  The mud puddles are especially appealing to this little guy.  He starts with jumping and splashing, but before you know it he is sitting and then laying down rolling in the puddle.  All with a huge smile on his face and squeals of joy coming out of his mouth.  Once he is done rolling, he then is on the lookout for any sticks or rocks around that he can hold and throw.  After getting throughly muddy we made a stop to visit Brutus.  Brutus is a great dog with little kids, he just sits nicely, letting Miles pet him, letting Miles give him a stick (or large piece of wood as was the case today).  He somehow knows not to run him over, and slows down if Miles is in front of him, and instead of playing tug of war like he would with an adult, he just lets go of something if Miles is going to pick it up.  So after playing with Brutus and sitting and taking a break, we then made our way to my house, with Miles saying tomato the whole way.  I wasn't ready for the muddy little boy to come in the house yet, so we went to the garden where we found some snacks.  Tomatoes, gooseberries, strawberries and even lettuce.  He hasn't figured out his colors yet, so if I am not quick enough to pick him a ripe tomato or strawberry he grabs the green ones and tries to shovel them in.  After eating, we played with the water to clean off our hands, then we met some new friends and watched the guinea pigs.  Before his mommy came to get him at lunch, I bathed him and put on some new clothes to try and hide the evidence of our morning adventures.  Don't tell her :)