Monday, January 19, 2015

Goat surgery, Project Save and Snowshoeing

After the Grand Canyon, I made my via out to California.  I was invited to speak in Oroville, CA, which is where Bill and Marsha McCoy call home on their furloughs and their extended family lives.  My time with the McCoy family was a lot of fun and took me from goat surgery to playing with grandkids to playing scrabble with Bill's dad and finally to Project Save.

Project Save is an organization that collects unused and expired medical supplies that are going to be thrown out and then boxes them all up and puts them on containers that are shipped to various hospitals around the world.  Kudjip receives one of these containers every year and each time we get one, we are thankful.  They come full of gloves, gauze, surgical staplers, scales, needles, syringes and more.  Each time they arrive the contents of the container seems to be just what we needed, helping to supplement what the PNG government gives us.  I got to go and see where Project Save happens, tell them a little about Kudjip and more of what we do, and then help them sort through things.  It was sure interesting to be on the packing end of the process and not the unpacking.  They have a great group of volunteers who come out to unpack and repack boxes, to sort things out, to pack containers and more.  They are blessing many people all around the world with their service.

After my Project Save visit, I got to travel to Denver to visit with some friends, Ely and Kelsey Walker, that I met when they came to Kudjip about 2 years ago.  Their family has grown by a little boy, Grant Clancy Walker, but that didn't stop us from going snowshoeing.  It was great to be outside and to see snow - my first real snow sighting during my time at home.