Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pray for rain

Kudjip needs rain.  For the past 2+ months, there has been very little rainfall at Kudjip.  To many in the US, this might be pretty normal, but at Kudjip, we are used to having rain almost everyday.  The rain is what supplies us with water.  Each house has water tanks, that the rain water fills, and then is used for everything - flushing toilets, drinking, doing dishes, laundry and showering.  Not only does rain fill water tanks, it also helps gardens to grow.  In a culture, where most people survive off of what they can grow in their garden, no rain means no food, both now and in the future, as folks are unable to plant.

On a mission station with missionaries and nationals and a hospital, no rain is even more worrisome.  If the tanks are dry, it makes it hard to run the hospital, to wash our hands, to clean and sterilize instruments, for patients to use the restroom and wash their hands, to have drinking water, etc.  Our station has a well system, which many of our houses are soley dependent on, but this is being depleted, as everyone is tapping into it. The station is powered by our hydro power, but with no rain, the river level has decreased, making it harder to generate the power we need.

So bottom line, Kudjip needs rain.  Please pray.