Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mammoth Cave National Park

When I am not busy speaking at churches or meeting with supporters to share about the work in PNG, I like to try and see what I can at our country's National Parks.  Since I get to travel around the country speaking, I try and find what parks are close by and make the most of my time there.

This week I have been speaking in Indianapolis, so I ventured south to Kentucky with friends I first met in Kudjip.  Rachel and Jordan Thompson are fellow missionaries with me in Kudjip, and Joyce (Rachel's mom) and Linda (Jordan's aunt) have been to Kudjip numerous times visiting their family.  They live close to Indianapolis, and so we road tripped south to see Mammoth Cave NP.  We hiked around outside the cave and then did cave tours to get to see the inside.  On the way, we saw signs for the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, so we stopped on our way back, learning a bit about where President Lincoln was born.  Both were quite nice to see and I would recommend them to those who might be traveling in the area.