Friday, April 28, 2017

Hospital's 50th Anniversary videos

Kudjip Nazarene Hospital recently celebrated it's 50th year of service, and we had a big anniversary celebration.  Leading up to the Anniversary celebration, we collected pictures from the past 50 years in the efforts to create a book and videos.  We hoped to remind us of our history, to remember those who have gone before and how we started, and where we are now.  We got over 1800 pictures, but despite that, I know we were missing pictures of different events or of different people - sorry.  Working with what we had, we created these videos which we showed during our Anniversary Celebration.  

You can see the videos on the Hospital's You Tube site:, or I have embedded them here, for those who would like to see them.  

The Beginning - A look at the first 20-30 years of the hospital

Old Hospital - Pictures from about 1980/90s through to 2008/9 right before we moved into the new hospital.

Hospital Transition - From the Old Hospital 2008, to the building of the new hospital, the move into and then using the new Hospital in Nov 2009.

New Hospital - A look at the New Hospital from 2009-2016

Today - A look at the people of today, the staff, the doctors, and the patients.

Hope you enjoyed them.