Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We caught a pig

This morning I walked out of the house to go to work and I looked in the garden, as I have been routinely doing now, for the pig. I didn't see him, so I headed out the gate. I noticed that Marsha's roses in the front of their house were destroyed by a pig, so I kept walking around their yard to inventory the damage. I decided to go all the way around the backside of the house to my side and I found the pig in the garden. Mike Chapman said he wanted a picture of the pig in the garden to have proof, so I got out my camera, which I almost always have with me and got a picture. Then, I went to call Mike to have him come catch it. He wasn't home, so I grabbed my weapons of choice - lemons and started walking toward the pig. The pig starts to run, so I throw my lemons, and I get him cornered in my front yard. The gate was shut so it couldn't get out, and wasn't smart enough to go around back. Silly me, I am telling it to go around back, then I remember Digicel. So I let him go back into the garden and I call Mike's digicel. Thankfully he answers, he was at the new hospital daily devotional. He said some police officers and security guards are coming up. I change out of my work clothes and grab by weapons and wait.

I see 4 guys walking through the Riggins lawn, Gabbe - who works in administration in his work clothes, a police officer with his bible, and 2 other guys. I tell myself, this can't be the folks who are going to catch the pig. But they don't normally walk up my way, so I ask them and they say yeah. Gabbe says that no security guard was around, so he came as the NHM representative with 2 Heduru (construction workers) and the police officer. They have nothing to catch a pig with and are asking me for rope or wire. Thankfully, Bill has some of this stuff, so I sacrificed some of his banana hanging rope for the good of the garden (sorry Bill).

I had never seen anyone catch a pig and wasn't sure how it was going to work. Pretty much they walked toward the pig and would try and get it to stop, or get it cornered. One time it was cornered at the front gate, but it escaped. It ran through the garden and they were chasing it, diving at times to grab a leg, it was quite funny. At one point, it escaped through the one hole in the fence that connects with someone else's garden. A little girl and another lady were working in the garden when it came over. They started to scream and then they chased it, but not back to us, so Gabbe went and helped them chase it back through the hole into Bill's garden.

Other than that hole in the fence, there is one other place the pig could escape from, that was around the back of the house. We don't have a fence there and it just connects with everything on station, this is how it got in. I found myself being the 2oth Maine at Gettysburg on the back of the house not allowing the pig to escape through the nongated area. I had my weapons and I wasn't afraid to throw them, but I was determined to hold the line. It did try to come back that way a few times and I just stood there and looked him down and he would turn away.

The pig finally got cornered against the fence and they were able to grab a leg and put a rope around it. Then the 2 ropes that were tied together broke, so it had a rope tied around it's leg and was running back through the garden. I had to go and sacrifice more of Bill's rope and brought it out to them. Just about this time Mike, Silas, and Joseph (2 security guys) show up with Mike's large rope. They tied up the pig and proceeded to walk him down to maintenance where he will live until it's owner comes to claim him and pay for the damage he has caused. Unfortunately, I found out that the owner only paid 20K for the pig. That is nothing, the effort of the 4 guys catching it was worth more than 20K. We shall see if he returns.