Sunday, September 14, 2008

It has been 1 year

It has been one year since I came to PNG. It is hard to believe it has been that long already, but at the same time it seems like I have been here a lot longer. I have grown a lot this past year, and am thankful for the opportunities I have had. I look forward to this next year and what God will do in it. I continue to pray and seek His will for my life when my time here is up. I thought I would share some of the ways I have changed over this past year.
  • I eat tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, corn, and asparagus
  • I can speak, pray, and sing in Tok Pisin
  • I teach PE, garden, play tennis, play Settlers of Catan, and drive a standard on the wrong side of the road
  • I have climbed Mt. Wilhelm, gone snorkeling and spelunking
  • I do CSections, D&Cs, ultrasounds, colposcopies, thoracentesis, paracentesis, reduce fractures, and drain abscesses regularly
  • I regularly treat patients with typhoid, malaria, HIV, Tb, chopchops and cancer (giving chemo)
  • I am use to wearing a skirt outside my house (but still prefer shorts or pants), not walking alone at night, not going off station by myself, and sitting in segregated seating of guys/girls
  • I understand the importance of rain for daily use of drinking, washing, etc
  • I own many bilums, a meri blouse, and a bushknife
  • I am no longer surprised by cockroaches inside my house or at the hospital
  • I said goodbye to my Grandma until heaven
  • I have a mission family that loves, supports, encourages and feeds me
  • I have seen God's faithfulness, prayers answered, His mercy, grace, and love for me while I have been here over and over again