Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend fun

I have started a second quilt for my nephew Luke (learn more about him on their blog at I have to have a good reason to make a quilt, and he sure qualifies. My sister picked out the fabric, and then sent it to me to make. Once again, Gail is helping me. We got things started on Tues, but then she left for the weekend, so I was on my own. I had some slight headaches both with what I was doing and the machine, but Marsha filled in nicely for Gail and helped me out. So I have finished part of it, but there is still more to go.
As I was walking to church this Sunday, I saw a father in front of me walking way in front of the girl walking behind him. The girl wasn't walking quite right, but that didn't stop the father from going ahead of her. He finally stopped and took her hand and gently pulled her forward. As I got closer, I realized I knew this father and his daughter. This was Skola, who had sustained a skull fracture and had been on the pediatric ward for 2 weeks. She had been hit on the head by a tree, and was flown to our hospital from the Middle Ramu area. Her dad is a Nazarene pastor, and faithfully cared for her each day.
When I first met Skola, she didn't say anything, wouldn't move her legs, but just screamed in pain. Over time, as her malaria and infection were treated, she quit screaming and started communicating. She still wouldn't talk to me much, she would just lift her eyebrows to answer questions. Some PNG folks do this, at times it works, at other times when I ask a question that one could answer 2 different ways, I am not sure if the eyebrow raise is a yes or a no. Anyway, over her 2 weeks she regained strength and now is walking on her own, although not as quickly as her father would like. It was a blessing to see them in church, to see how God had healed her and to see them praising Him.
Sunday night, we all gathered at the Bennetts for Chinese food. The Dooleys had gone to Goroka for the weekend, and brought back Chinese food that we all enjoyed together. Apparently, Goroka, 75 miles, but 3 hours away is the closest Chinese place we have. I don't know that I would recommend traveling 3 hours, or having someone else travel 3 hours, to get dinner, but it sure was a nice change.