Sunday, November 23, 2008

Becky has arrived

Becky Wallace is a Family Physician who I went to residency with in Harlingen, Tx at the Valley Baptist Family Practice Residency Program (see link on side). We were also roommates for a year and a half while in Harlingen. She has now become part of our Kudjip family for the next 2 years as a Post Resident, through World Medical Mission and Samaritan's Purse (same as me).
Due to being on call this weekend, I didn't have the opportunity to pickup Becky at the airport, but I did get to greet her when she got to her new home, just 2 doors down. The welcoming committee is pictured to the R (they really just wanted to be on the blog). I was amazed at how light Becky packed. For being here for 2 years she only came with a carry on and a backpack, this is quite impressive for anyone who knows Becky.
It is great to be the new person at Kudjip because the missionaries feed them for the first few days. If you can't be the new person, it is just as good to be the new person's friend when they get here because the missionaries feed you and your friend for the first few days. Tonight we had dinner with the McCoys, tomorrow with the Chapmans, Tues - it is my turn to cook, Wed with the Bennetts, and Thurs is Thanksgiving. Maybe someone wants to take Friday - let me know :)

So now Becky will start a bit of orientation, language training, cultural training and learning how we do things in the hospital again. She was here last November for a month, so hopefully things come back quickly. To learn more about what is happening with Becky, you can check her blog at hopefully she starts to update this a little more frequently for those viewers back home.