Saturday, December 13, 2008


Ameloblastoma - ever heard of it? Prior to coming here I sure hadn't. I had heard Jim mention it a few times this past year, but had never seen one, so I didn't know anything about it, until now.
A pt presented c/o of pain of her R mandible. She had a 3 year history of swelling of her R mandible after having an unknown dental surgery some years prior. On exam, it is clear that you can see swelling of the R side of her face. Inside her mouth, her R gum was swollen and hard - definitely not normal. I got an xray to look for anything and found this large cyst like mass.
Ameloblastomas are tumors typically found in young adults of the mandible or maxilla (face). They are often benign, but disfiguring. The form from the cells that would normally produce tooth enamel. Treatment is wide surgical excision by specialists. I am not sure who are specialists here are, but I sent her to the ENT doctor to get a confirmatory diagnosis and to see if they are able to do surgery on it.