Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Christmas Season is here

Christmas has definitely come to Kudjip station. Last weekend, I was wondering what Marsha was doing as I kept hearing lots of noises next door, saw she had removed everything from her shelves in her dining room, and had lots of boxes everywhere. I then saw the wreath on her front door and realized it was the weekend after Thanksgiving, time to start thinking and decorating for Christmas.
I decided to wait a weekend before I started decorating, but went to work yesterday and today. My sister had sent me some stuff she got on sale after Christmas last year, so now I have a lot of lights which enabled me to decorate outside and inside. It was fun. I have already received some boxes from my dad and sister with Christmas presents, so my tree is watching over many presents. I continued my sister and I's tradition of listening to the Peter, Paul, and Mary Christmas concert that was on PBS many years ago as I decorated the tree, and watched one of the best Christmas shows ever - Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas by Jim Henson.
Yesterday I spent some time with Diane, Leslie, and Miss Par as we decorated some christmas cookies for today's English Lotu. Today was our monthly English church service in the chapel. The kids at the MK school always do a drama for Christmas, and today's was pretty cute. All the kids knew their lines and sang their songs as they shared with us the story of Jesus. Olivia, only 3, got to be a wiseman (or woman) and it was quite cute to watch her throughout the play. I look forward to one of the other traditions that we do here on Christmas Eve as we give gifts and sing carols to the patients in the hospital.
This season isn't about the gifts we give or receive, but about the gift we have received from God. God sent us Jesus, whose birth we remember this Christmas. Jesus is the best gift any of us can receive because He died for our sins and when we believe and place our faith in Him we are assured of Eternal life, there is no present that is better than that. Enjoy Him this Christmas.