Monday, March 2, 2009

Games, Bible Trivia, and more

This past Saturday, I joined Becky, Stephanie, and Michelle at the volunteers for some fun and games. We have some volunteers who are here serving with us. A family physician and his wife a physical therapist. They were here last year for 3 months, and this year came back.  The FP has been spending his time mostly on the medicine ward, but recently is tackling OB.  Patty works daily with our postop patients, and others on the ward doing physical therapy and teaching some of our nurses and CHWs more about it, so they are able to do some when she leaves. On Saturday, Becky and I got to going tubing with Jim and the volunteers also came along, it was fun.
So game night started out with bible trivia played on a trivia pursuit board. Becky loves bible trivia and has played for years with her grandma, so she always does quite well. It was a close game, but Becky, Michelle, and the FP pulled out the win. After bible trivia we played real trivia pursuit - this was not a good idea. The teams were quite even in bible trivia, but some of us were really bad at trivia pursuit (I being one of those), and so the game was quite lopsided. Michelle, a medical student who is also here for 3 months, stole the show. She was amazing answering almost all the questions for her team. It was fun to watch her and try and stump her, but we didn't do it too often. As a result her team crushed my team, but it was still fun. If we play again, I want to be on Michelle's team.