Saturday, March 7, 2009

Luke turns 2

My nephew Luke is 2 today - March 6th. He is quite a talker now, and always seems to be saying something when I talk to him and his mom on the computer. One of his new words is "Oh no!" said in such a way where he sounds really disappointed about whatever it is that isn't going quite right. He is cute. He can say Ant E too, which is good for me. He has enjoyed playing with his blowup space shuttle that he got a few weeks back from me. The cat decided to put some holes in it, but his mom is planning on patching it. Luke also like trains, trucks, and Mickey. He went with his parents and grandparents to see Mickey on Ice 2 wks ago and really like Mickey. He also liked the astronaut who came out (it wasn't an astronaut, he just thought it looked like one). Soon Luke will be a big brother, but for now he is enjoying being the only child. I look forward to visiting with him and his family in a few months when I go home to meet my new nephew.