Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cucumbers and roundup

Bill has been gone a lot recently so I have been in charge of the garden. It is a lot of work for one person, but I enjoy it. I love cucumbers and watermelon and was really exciting about the new plants that we had started to grow. I watered them daily to make sure they would get the water they needed since we were having a dry season. I noticed that they were getting eaten by some bugs, so I thought I should spray some insecticide on them to prevent the bugs from destroying them before I could enjoy them. A few days after treating them, I noticed that they were starting to turn brown and weren't looking as healthy as before. I wasn't sure what was going on. I noticed it was the watermelon, cucumbers, and some beans. It seemed kind of weird to me, but I have seen some fungus before and wasn't sure if something got to them all. I kept watering hoping they would recover all the while wondering what happened. One day it hit me. Instead of putting on insecticide, which I have to mix in a water jug, I sprayed them with roundup for the weeds. It was the roundup that was killing the cucumbers, watermelon, cabbage, beans, and some chinese cabbage. I felt horrible for killing my plants that had looked so promising. Despite trying to water them and give them good compost to get nutrition, they died, all of them. So disappointing as I was looking forward to having some fresh cucumbers in the next few weeks.
I recently planted more cucumbers in a nursery box with the hope of replacing those I lost. I have also planted some beans for Bill and some cabbage as replacements. So far they are all doing good, and look promising. I have made a sign to remind me not to spray the roundup on the plants again. Hopefully, the new cucumbers with transplant well and will produce some good cucumbers in another month or so. After realizing what I did, it reminded me how fragile like is, all life. Some of us are entrusted with looking out for the lives of others - whether as parents, physicians, pilots, etc. This job/responsibility isn't to be taken lightly. Thankfully, we have a heavenly Father who is watching out for us, looking over us, giving us wisdom so we don't spray roundup on those we are looking out for. I pray God would continue to grant me wisdom as I care for patients that He has entrusted me with.