Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Hospital

I hadn't been in the new hospital since our dedication, but last week I went to see how the progress was coming. We are getting closer to moving into the new hospital, but aren't there just yet. The date of moving seems to change all the time, but it shouldn't be that much longer, I hope. The major stuff seems to be done, but now they are trying to finish up all the little things that still need completed. The company who had been building the hospital, is finished with their work, so now it is up to Mike and his guys to finish what has been started. We received a shipment of new hospital beds from the States about a month ago, and they are occupying our maternity ward, it is a big ward for lots of moms and babies. The OR light has been installed, but still has more work to be done. I enjoyed seeing the landscaping that we started as we were getting ready for the dedication back in Jan. As I was walking between 2 wards, I saw some grass and retention wall that looked really good. I remember when it was a tall pile of clay that we were shoveling out, it was a lot of work, but it sure looks good now. Keep praying for the completion and for the move as we get ready for it.