Sunday, August 9, 2009


Since Saturday was a very nice day, the Riggins didn't want to waste the night - so we had a bonfire and gathered together. We enjoyed smores, talking with one another, and looking at stars. The sky was so clear that we could really see a lot of the stars. I have always been liked looking at the stars, but never really learned the constellations. I know Orion, the Dippers, and learned a few in residency, but not too many. Jill Riggins (Aden and Wiley's mom, pictured below) worked at a planetarium in college, so she has a good knowledge of what is what in the sky. There were about 6 of us gathered together pointing up at the stars in the sky trying to find certain ones. Jill would explain where a constellation was to one person, and then you would hear that person explaining it to someone who just joined us. We saw the Southern Cross, Sagitarrius, Scorpius, Leo, and located 2 new ones Muscas and Triangulum Australe. After a while our necks got sore, so we just laid on the ground and looked up. God's creation is pretty neat.