Friday, August 21, 2009

Steph's birthday

Today is Stephanie's birthday, her first as a missionary to PNG. At our doctor's conference, she got crowned with the birthday hat, and we sang our birthday melody to her. Then when she got to the ward, all the ladies on the maternity ward were ready - balloons in hand. Gail had brought balloons up while we were in our conference, and told them they may want to sing when she came, and sing they did. They all cheered when she came and then they started singing Happy Birthday to her, it was really cute. I don't think the Papua New Guineans sing Happy Birthday a lot, as most don't know how old they are or when they were born. Despite this, they all seemed to know the song, and even the verse how old are you. I thought they had been practicing all week, but found out they just had about 30 minutes. I know Steph was really touched by this. Steph has been a great addition to our missionary family here, and the patients sure do love and appreciate her too. Happy Birthday Steph.