Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meet Tom

Tom is a cute little kid who has been in our hospital for a few months. Despite not working on pediatric ward, I became aware of Tom because I always saw him being carried on his mom or dad's shoulders around the hospital and grounds. I found out that he was no longer walking, and so his parents carried him around. He looked pretty miserable, we were treating him for possible TB of his CNS, and hoped he didn't have a tumor.
A few weeks later, I went to the TB ward to make rounds and found this kid running around the ward. I didn't know his name, but his face seemed familiar. His parents weren't around, so I couldn't talk to them, but once I saw his chart, I knew it was the same Tom, but now he was walking - I was so thankful that God had healed him. The next week I went back to the TB ward expecting to see Tom running around again, but this time found Tom crying on his bed holding his head. His dad said he developed a severe headache the day before and now wasn't walking again. I transferred him back to peds and we restarted him on some steroids. We were concerned that the progress we had seen with the tb meds, was really due to the steroids and that he had a tumor hiding in his head that we can't diagnose without a CT or MRI. Only time will tell us which he has, but we rejoicing again as Tom is walking and happy once again. Every day this week, when I have walked to and from lunch, there is Tom with either his mom or dad and his brother somewhere on the lawn eating, walking, and playing. He waves and says moning to me. It is a joy to see him doing well again and I pray it will continue.