Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Myers

Susan, Jeff, Jessica and Ethan are the Myers. They have been missionaries here for 8 years. They are a great family, and often have me over for Friday night pizza and a movie. Recently, Ethan finished reading the 2nd and 3rd Lord of the Rings books in about 1 week each, so we had Lord of the Rings marathon movie nights. They were long nights as we watched the extended release versions, but they were fun. Tonight we watched High School Musical 3, which they had just gotten in the mail. Hannah Ficker, a PA student, who spent a number of years of her life in Guatamela with her parents who are missionaries, joined us for our evening of fun. During our intermissions, we read from the book - You know you are an MK when . . . and enjoyed laughing at the things other wrote about, which are true for these MKs as well.
Ethan and Jessica are part of my PE tennis class that I am doing with the older kids. I asked the kids at the beginning of the year what they wanted to do in PE, and everyone wanted to play tennis, so we are playing. It has been fun to try and teach them the little I have learned in my year of playing. They are enjoying it and are even playing tennis on their off time to improve. Jeff does a lot of stuff helping out around the station and often gets to take us single folks into town for shopping. He does a lot of video/photo stuff for the mission here, and recently, he helped me fix our tennis net, which needed a lot of help. Susan is staying busy in her new role as Director of Medical Services for the hospital, taking on a more administrative role, but still enjoying seeing pts.