Thursday, October 1, 2009

George and Johnny

As one pt leaves my room, I call out "Narapela" - next, and wait for the next person in line to come inside. I never quite know what that next will be. Today when I did that, I saw 2 little boys with the same shirt on fighting to get through my door. They are twins, George and Johnny, about 3 yo. They were quite well behaved as I was examining George, but as soon as his turn was done and it was mom's turn, the boys started being boys. They were fighting with each other over the scalebook (clinic book), they were running around my little room talking and carrying on. They brought some life to the clinic. As a twin, watching them made me wonder what my sister and I were like at their age. It also made me wonder what they will be like when they grow up. Will they be close and share a special bond as twins, or will they be no different than brothers? I am thankful for the special bond Megan and I have shared our whole lives and share even now 30 yrs later and miles apart. I love you Megan.