Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pray for Billy and Brian

Growing up as a twin, I often had people ask me if I could feel it when my sister got hurt. Although I never felt the physical pain she felt, I felt pain knowing she was hurting. I wonder if Billy and Brian have ever had anyone ask them if they could feel each other's pain. I wonder if they can. If they can, then I know Brian would be pretty sick and hurting right now because Billy is. Billy and Brain are 9 year old twins. Billy has acute lymphocytic leukemia that we just diagnosed, thankfully Brian does not have it. Billy looks sick, feels miserable, and is in pain. His family has agreed to start chemotherapy, but he has a long road ahead of him.
I haven't met Brian, I've only heard about him and looked at his blood. I can't imagine what it must be like for Brian or for Billy this evening. I don't know what kind of relationship they have with one another, but know no matter how close they are or aren't, it can't be easy to know your brother is sick and could die, even at 9 yo. I pray the chemo would give them more time together. I pray Brian might be able to visit Billy more and be near him during this time. I pray Brian wouldn't get sick and Billy would be healed. I pray they may know God's love through this. I pray the chemo makes Billy feel better quickly. Will you pray for Billy and Brian too?