Thursday, October 22, 2009

Moving Pharmacy 2

Our current Pharmacy is divided into Pharm 1 and Pharm 2. Pharm 1 is the area that the pharmacy workers use the most and work out of. It is where they count out the meds and put them in bags and give them to the pts. There are a number of meds presorted into quantities that are used regularly, and other meds they can grab from the shelf to dispense. Pharm 2 is a bigger area that mostly holds our supply of medicines, it is full of boxes and medicine bottles. As we are getting ready to move into the new hospital (Nov 4-6), we are getting the pharmacy ready to move as well. A number of the docs have gone through the various donated medicines and gotten rid of stuff that is expired by 3 yrs, stuff we don't use, and sorted stuff. That being done, today was a day to start moving stuff. We have a lot to do in the actual move days, so whatever we can do beforehand will be an added bonus.
The new Pharmacy isn't quite complete yet. They have built a big shelving unit in the new Pharm2, and are planning on building another, but we don't have the necessary materials. In the meantime, they are looking to transfer the shelves from the old Pharm 2 to the new one, but the shelves need to be empty to do this.
We got some big boxes from the storeroom and trolleys from OPD and went to work. When we started it was Yane and Adam (college of nursing students), Sr. Alfreda (pharmacy), and myself who were initially helping out. As we were carting meds back and forth, more joined in the fun. We had Jesse (a cleaner), Sialis (our community liaison guy), other pharmacy workers (Jonah and Nancy), some of the guys working at the new hospital, and even Emma Dooley helping out.
We had quite a system going. Different folks would stay in the Pharmacy and load up the trolleys. I would help those wheeling the trolleys out of the old hospital, across the road, and down the ramp to the ultrasound room. We all enjoyed riding the trolley as we went down the ramp. We had some good drivers, so no one got hurt. With everyone's help we managed to fill up the new ultrasound room in a short period of time. Now we wait for Mike's crew to move the shelves and put them up in the new pharmacy so we can move more. Let the moving begin.