Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tumbang Church

This past weekend I traveled with the Myers, Steph, Rachel and Jordan, Simon, Esther, Alan, and Glen to Tumbang Church. This is a church that is past Mondomil, which is where the first EBC missionaries were located, and now has a guesthouse on it that some of us use for times away. It is a beautiful drive, but a bumpy and dangerous drive at times depending on the road conditions. Just 1 wk prior, a man was in a car with a drunk driver and they went off the road and down the cliff. He ended up with a ruptured bladder, but it could have been his life.
Steph and the Myers had been there before, as Steph is friends with the pastor and his wife, so they asked her to come and preach. Pastor Robert is almost blind in his eyes, and can't see well enough to read. Steph was able to help him acquire a Proclaimer, which is solar and hand crank powered, and will read the NT bible aloud. So when Pastor Robert wanted to share a scripture, he was able to just have it proclaimed through the proclaimer. This has been a huge blessing to him in his ministry. This time, Jeff got to preach, and did so on Psalm 1, encouraging them to decide who they were going to follow.
There were a lot of kids around, which is encouraging to see. Steph had stickers that she passed out to the kids and Jeff got some too. This one little boy kept looking at Rachel and I during the service. I would take it's picture and he would make this funny face after the flash went off, he was cute.