Monday, January 18, 2010

Jema came back

Jema was suppose to come for followup today, and when I left the lab at 4 to go home, and she still hadn't shown up yet, I thought maybe she wasn't coming. About a half hour later, Bill calls to say Jema is here and is better. He told me she was staying overnight so I could give her the chemo tomorrow. I said ok, but it didn't take me long to go and see this change for myself.
I walked onto the ward and almost didn't recognize her as she was sitting up in bed by herself and opening her mouth to eat a kaukau. It was beautiful sight. When she left, she couldn't sit by herself, could only open her mouth a little bit to eat, and mostly just took in liquids. Now, dad says she is sitting and walking on her own. Praise God. She will now come back each month for chemo and we will keep praying that the medicine works and we can shrink some more of this tumor.