Thursday, January 21, 2010

A snake on station

On Monday, I had asked Bill to see a patient on the ward and as we were walking back to OPD, one of the workers said there is a big snake down by security. My thought is that is nice, it can stay there, I will go back and see pts. Bill thinks, WOW, I need to go see it. Erin do you have your camera. So I go get the camera, as he runs to find the snake. The snake, a python of some sort, was in a bag and was found in Kampia, an area far away from us (Thankfully!). Why it is here, I don't know, but Bill seemed to enjoy looking at it and holding it. He called it beautiful, while I was thanking God we don't have snakes in this part of PNG. I said take it back (just so it will be far away from here), Bill thought it was a good idea so they don't eat it, but that will probably happen. This is only the 2nd snake I have seen in PNG (I saw one in the water at Madang), and I am ok with that.