Tuesday, March 1, 2011

College of Nursing Graduation

This past Saturday was the annual College of Nursing Graduation.  The program here is a 3 year program, so the students who graduated this year were the ones who started around the time I got here.  It is always a joy to watch students - whether nursing or medical - grow in their knowledge and skill level over time, knowing that I was in their shoes not too long ago.

Around 25 students come each year to our nursing college.  A lot are from the area around us - the Highlands, but others come from all over Papua New Guinea.  When the graduate, many stay to work here at Kudjip and others head back home or to other mission stations that they feel God has called them to.

DS Gabriel gave a very nice commencement speech on Loving others, Serving others and Touching others as Christ did for us and allowing that to change people's lives.  It was a good message for all of us not just for the students.