Saturday, March 5, 2011


Meet Margaret.  She came to us months ago and we found out that she had ovarian cancer.  We did surgery to remove the tumor, but by the time we got in there, the cancer had already seeded her abdomen and there was no way that Jim could remove everything.  She did okay for a while, then she started having worsening abdominal swelling and we discovered her cancer had come back.  Without a CT scan it is hard to know the extent of her disease, but we knew she had a mass which wasn’t good.
When I was home, Bill emailed me and asked if I had any way of getting a chemo medicine called Taxol.  Through some connections, and the hospital chemo fund, I was able to get some Taxol and bring it back with me.  Thankfully, Margaret has been responding to the treatments.  Bill gives her the treatment both into her abdomen as well as in an IV.  The tumor is shrinking and she is looking and feeling better everyday.  What a blessing.  Thank you to all who have given to the chemo fund, which has made it possible for Margaret to get the medicine she needed.  If you want to give to the hospital, so we can get medicines and other supplies that we need you can go to the NCM page.